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Chef using Greenmills Green Seasoning in Kitchen.

Seasonings, spices, and herbs to all
segments of the food industry.

Greenmills Foods is a leading provider of herbs and spices for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurant chains, and retail spice companies. We bring experience expertise & wisdom to every customer we serve.


Based in Freeport, Trinidad & Tobago, Greenmills Foods provides our customers with the freshest and highest quality spices, herbs, and seasonings available. We have the capabilities to customize the granulation, cut, and combination of ingredients for each of our products, helping our customers create a signature flavour for the products they produce.

With our full line of spices, seasonings, custom manufacturing, and custom blending, we provide expertise to cover the complete seasoning needs of food manufacturers and processors in the Caribbean. 

We understand the high stakes and critical timelines that are essential to food manufacturing and foodservice – we also understand the necessity for consistency of flavor and reliability of critical deliveries.


Customer needs guide every aspect of our business, from employee training through to final delivery.

Child grocery shopping
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