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Seasonings and spices that buyers trust!

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A Premier Seasoning Manufacturer

We know that experienced food service buyers possess uncompromising standards when it comes to sourcing premium goods for their customers.


As a seasoning and spice manufacturer, we see these standards as the baseline for our own measure of excellence.


It is this commitment to quality that has inspired many of our buyers to stay with us and make us a preferred vendor.


We understand the pressure and requisite timeliness that comes with the scale of work that food service providers handle daily.


With a vast product selection, food service providers are answering to dozens if not hundreds of customers at a time. The last thing a food service provider wants to worry about is their spices!


As your seasoning manufacturer, we will learn your business and your timetables to ensure that every one of our deliveries is of the same high quality that we set for ourselves.

Chef Catering Service


Our Green Seasonings can be purchased at the following retailers!

📍 PRICESMART: Port-of-Spain, Chaguanas, Mausica, San Fernando
📍 MASSY STORES: St. Augustine, Trincity, Gulf View, Glencoe, Maraval, Alyce Glen, St. Anns, Westmoorings
📍 XTRA FOODS: Endeavour, Grand Bazaar, Arima, Sangre Grande
📍 TRU VALU: Trincity, El Socorro, Valpark, Long Circular, Diego Martin
📍 JTA: C3 Centre
📍 WEST BEES: Diego Martin, Trincity
📍 BLOOMS IMPORTS: Diego Martin, Maraval

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